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Best Film

Best Director

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Comedian

Best Villain

Best Story

Best Music

Best Cinematography

Best Sound

Best Art Director

Best Editor

Best Lyrics

Best Singer(Male)

Best Singer(Female)

Best Dialogue

Best Screenplay

Best Choreography

Best Action

Best Newcomer(Male)

Best Newcomer(Female)

Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement

R.D. Burman Award

Critics Award


The Filmfares, as we know of today were actually called 'Clares' after Clares Mendonca, The Times of India film critic who died the year of the first awards in  1954. However, unlike the Oscars, which the Academy Awards are called worldwide,
the name 'Clares' didn't stick.

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The stattuette was designed by N.G. Phansare  under the supervision of
Walter Langhammer, who was the art director of The Times of India at the time.
Her arms upraised in a dance number, her hands touching, the bronze lady  stattuette went silver only once when it was the 25th year of the awards. She stands 46.5 cms. and weighs a hefty 5 kgs.

The Filmfares now have more than 30 categories and one wonders who would have won it and when. Presenting a complete checklist of The Filmfare Award winners down the years.

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Khamoshi-The Musical


The  Pioneer

Did you know?

The First in Films

First Times