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Kamalabai Gokhale

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First biographical film
In 1910, the Excelsior Cinematograph made a film entitled Fugitive Dalai Lama, the first film on Tibet's supreme head, made at a time when he had to es- cape from the Chinese and seek asylum at Darjeeling in British-ruled India. The film showed the Dalai Lama entering Indian territory with a dazzling procession of priests and other dignitaries. It also covered the reception given to him at the British Residency.

First narrative feature film
Pundalik made by R.G. Tomey and N.G. Chitre and released at Bombay's Coronation Theatre on May 18, 1912 was the first silent narrative feature film.

First women on screen
Durgabai and her daughter Kamalabai Gokhale were the first women persuaded to come before the camera and act in Phalke's second film
'Mohini Bhasmasur' in 1913.

First premiere
The first film premiere was for D.G. Phalke's Raja Harishchandra at Bombay's Olympia Cinema on April 21, 1913. The film was commercially released on May 3 1913.

First Trick effects
Ankurachi Gaadha made by pioneer D. Phalke in 1912 was the first to use the single-frame exposing technique to show a bud bursting into a flower.

First child artiste
The first child actor was Phalke's son Bhalchandra, who played the king's son Rohit in Raja Harishchandra.

First screen credits
The first to get a billing were the actors in Raja Harishchandra. D.D. Dabke was Harishchandra and Salunke (a male actor) played Queen Taramati.

First box office hit
D. Phalke's Lanka Dahan (1917) which ran for 23 weeks is the first box office hit. It is on record that the money collected at the counters had to be
transported in bullock carts with armed guards.

First double roles
Dadasaheb Phalke's discovery A. Salunke is the only artiste to have played both hero and heroine in the same film. He played the roles of both Rama and Sita in Phalke's Lanka Dahan in 1917.

First female child star
Phalke's daughter Mandakini played the role of child Krishna in Krishna Janam in 1918.



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